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Automatic line for cylinder




Automatic Straight Seam Welding Machine

Automatic circumferential Seam Welding Machine

Automatic Welding machine with turnplate

Automatic Welding machine with roating gun

Automatic Airtinghtness test machine

Voltage: 380V Frequency: 50HZ
Rated Capacity: 0.65KW
Welding Current: 50A-200A
Air Pressure range: 0.2Mpa-0.6Mpa
Workpiece Diameter: 70mm-450mm
Workpiece Length: 80mm-600mm
Usage: fire fighting equipment, pressure vessel, exhaust
pipe of car industry and so on.
Performance: Automatic to control welding gun
easy to operate and high efficency
Welding technology: Atomosphere presser ensure that
workpiece can contact with brass cushion fully




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