Dispersion Kneader!


Circular loom for fire hose Circular loom for PVC hose
PVC/PU Extruder Rubber liner making machine




Dispersion Kneader

Opening Mixing Mill For Rubber And Plastic

Double-Arm Kneadere

Most Suitable Kneading Application:
E.V.A., Rubber, TPR, Sole, Rubber Roller, Hoses, Belts, Sponges, Vibration Insulator, Elastic Cord, Sealing Materials, Tire, Tapes, Master Batches, Pigment, Ink, Electric Rubber Parts, Chemical Industry Compounds

Feature For Dispersion Kneader:
1.The machine equips automatic temperature and time control system and operate precision simple mixing can attain the best dispersion and unformity.
2.Hybrid slot for can dumping type mix blend stalk a leakpro of hoption stem a type machine oil seal make to clean and changer colors in brief easy..
3.In 6~10minutes/batch of output equivalent to 2 units of open mixing mill.
4.Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and prevent environmental pollution.
5.Easy installation, operation and maintenance , lower the running cost.




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